Our ultimate goal is to help businesses, organizations, and individuals tell their story. We focus on quality work, fast turnaround and delighting our customers.


Danae Brandjord
Owner/Creative Director

Danae Brandjord, owner of Epiphany, has 24+ years of experience in marketing. Her experience includes marketing for the non-profit/fundraising, healthcare, education, media and technology industries. Danae holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism. She is passionate about helping businesses and organizations communicate the right messages to the right people at an affordable price. She believes every business is different and has different communication and marketing needs.

Trish Johnson
Photo Imaging Specialist

Trish has worked in the photo industry at Photo Imaging Center for more than 20 years. She is an expert in photo restoration and editing. She is also skilled at digitizing older media formats like VHS, slides, and photo negatives.

Trish has an eye for special photo printing and projects. She has long-standing relationships with our amazing customers!

Denim Peterson
Print/Photo Specialist

A Sheridan native, Denim’s passion for photography and design started in high school and continued into college, where she received a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications: Photography emphasis.

She is currently working towards another degree in Graphic Design and Web Development to further build her technical skills. Denim loves utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to bring unique designs to life.

Damien Patton
Customer Service & Production Specialist

Damien Patton has been with Epiphany collectively for about three years. He is 32 years old and a combat veteran who served in the United States Army. He says he enjoys his job due to some amazing staff and a wonderful Overlord. His job is flexible and challenges his limitations. He finds the opportunities to learn new things and the process of design and photo imaging to be stimulating. Fun facts about Damien:

  • His favorite hobby is yelling at children who walk on his grass.
  • He can fit approximately 23-24 marshmallows in his mouth.
  • Sometimes when he looks directly into the sun, he sneezes.
  • His favorite food is Asian food – curry in particular.
  • His biggest fears are unsecured heights, large placid bodies of water, and dying alone.
  • When he grows up, he wants to be just like Chris Pratt.

Jay Whitworth
Sales & Marketing Associate

Originally from Texas, Jay Whitworth has worked at Epiphany for about a year. He has print shop experience and five years of experience in Adobe design programs. He is going to college to pursue a degree in journalism. Jay does not like writing bios about himself. He is the youngest of our crew and often is teased for this fact mercilessly!

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