Photo Printing Guide

Get the best quality photo prints possible with these tips:

  1. When ordering online, be sure to upload the highest resolution photo you can. For quality printing, photos should have at least 300 dpi, which stands for Dots Per Inch. The photo size should be at least 1MB.
  2. When sending a photo to Epiphany to print, always send a high resolution photo from a file, your camera’s photo roll, or an email.
  3. Never use photos that were sent through a text or obtained from a Facebook page. If you have a photo from text, ask the person to email it to you. When sending the email if you are asked about the file size, always choose the largest file size possible to send.
  4. If you are enlarging a photo, the dpi and resolution are extremely important so that your photo does not become pixelated and lose quality. The higher the better for both of these.
  5. Ordering through our online photo website is the best way to ensure quality prints. Not only will you save a photo processing fee, if there is an issue with your photo’s resolution, a caution warning will appear in the form of a red exclamation point. (See example below)

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