2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners

Winners by popular vote! People voted in-person and the results are in (in alphebetical order):

Rod Adams – Trumpeter Swans with Signets, First Day Swim for Signets

Rex Arney – Bald Eagle Giving “The Look”

Randy Bomar – Elk Calf First Meal

Rob Edwards – Pronghorn in Camouflage

Roseanne Gentry – Blue Jay

Connie Holden – Fox

Danielle Lauman – Baby Owlets

Diane Marsden – Otter on the Lamar River

Rod Reimers – Owl in Pine Tree

Dave Rinaldo – Goose

Sue Storey – Goldfinch on Thistle

Rob Yingling – Glaring Eagle

Join us to congratulate the winners at our reception!

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